Diabetes is a disease which affects millions of people worldwide. Working in partnership with you, your educator and nutritionist, we can improve your control and reduce the chances of complications. Our doctors believe in a comprehensive approach to patients with diabetes, with close monitoring and management of related diseases such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. They maintain up to date knowledge and makes use of state of the art diabetes care such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and intensive insulin therapy.

Important goals and screenings for everyone with diabetes include:

  • Regular visits with your PCP or endocrinologist with measurement of HBA1C every 3 months (goal HBA1C < 7)
  • Maintaining well controlled blood pressure (goal < 130/85)
  • Reducing cholesterol with both diet and therapy with a statin (Goal 1: LDL < 100 and < 70 if possible; Goal 2 : Trigylcerides < 150 and HDL > 55)
  • Annual eye exams to catch early signs of diabetes related eye disease and prevent blindness with early treatments
  • Annual measurement of protein in the urine to detect the first signs of kidney disease
  • 6 monthly dental visits for cleanings. Gingivitis can lead to worstening glucose control and increase your HBA1C
  • Examination of the feet for early signs of nerve damage, should be done at each visit